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IT Asset Management

Maximum Recycling

Dismantling Electronic Devices

Maximum Recycling is an “End-of-Life Recycler” for Electronic Devices. What does that mean for you? We dismantle items to their constituent parts. They become unusable for resale, remanufacturing, or remarketing. Electronic Devices that we receive from our customers are securely destroyed.

Maximum Recycling

The picture above indicates what has happened with some Electronic Devices. Items received at our facility are dismantled, and materials are recycled to “End Users” (Metal Mills or Precious Metals Refractors).


Document Destruction

Forty Cent Tuesday at Maximum Recycling: All Documents collected at a charge of $.40 per pound all day. Our everyday low price for this exceptional service – $.50 per pound; charge all day / every day except Tuesday

Security Containers

Specially designed security containers help prevent unauthorized access to collected material. These containers are kept in a secure room accessed by key only.


A Certificate of Destruction guarantees your material is rendered legally non-negotiable and indecipherable.


Containers are collected, and documents are destroyed weekly. The chain of custody remains unbroken for your security.


Hard Drive Destruction

Personal information on hard drives exists and is relevant and proprietary to the computer or laptop owner. Data wiping is good, but Maximum Recycling takes destruction two steps further.Our destruction technique is different and completed in two stages; first, we remove the base unit’s circuit board. Second – the drive’s base remained from the circuit board and kept in a secure area within the facility. Both the circuit board and the base unit are protected in a secure area within our facility.The circuit boards and the metal base are sent separately to respective shredders for destruction.


A Certificate of Destruction guarantees your material is rendered legally non-usable and indecipherable. Learn More